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How does TURIN collaborative robot welding achieve simplicity and efficiency?

For more than ten years, TURIN robot welding technology has been continuously developed, and various application systems for robot positioning have been continuously developed. In order to further improve production capacity and product quality, it is suitable for welding bending in welding work and improves the quality of welding products. How does TURINcollaborative robot welding achieve simplicity and efficiency?


TURINrobot solves 3 main pain points in the welding industry

1. The quality consistency of manual welding is insufficient, the effective working time is short, and the production capacity is insufficient.

2. It is difficult to recruit welders, and the recruitment cost increases year by year.

3. The consistency of workpieces is poor, traditional industrial robots are difficult to adapt to the scene, and the service threshold is high.


The TURINRobot Welding Process Package simplifies the programming of welding processes. Before the welder sets the process parameters, ordinary workers can work and use according to the prepared program model, effectively copy the welding experience of the welder in batches and apply it to the end of the software, thereby lowering the threshold for using welding automation equipment. When each workpiece needs to be calibrated, ordinary workers can also use the dragging method to quickly "program" to adapt to production, and change from "ordinary workers" to machinists to reduce labor intensity and increase the sense of work efficiency.


Advantages of the TURINrobot welding process package

1. Ease of use

(1) Download and use: download the additional program of the welding process package for use.

(2) Simple operation: The graphical programming system of the card-saving robot adds arc start guidance, arc erasure guidance and parameter switching guidance, which greatly simplifies welding programming. A configuration interface has been added to facilitate communication setup between the robot and the welder.

(3) Support debugging mode: support the program to run without a card, which is convenient for checking and learning points.


2. Flexibility

(1) High compatibility: Support welding machines of Vonnes, Lincoln, Kenby, EWM, Meggitt and other brands.

(2) Quick combination: It can be flexibly combined with laser equipment, positioners, walking axes and other equipment or desktops.

(3) The layout of the production line is flexible: when the Kapai sustainable robot welding machine is produced on the production line, no peripheral support equipment is required, the layout is flexible, and the delivery cycle is short.


3. Collaboration

(1) Safety signal lock: robot/welding machine alarm lock, reliable operation.

(2) Male-machine cooperation: One employee can simultaneously control multiple robots for welding operations. Effective cooperation can save energy, technical difficulty and labor intensity.


Product advantages of TURINcollaborative welding robot

Rapid deployment: Based on the flexible technology of collaborative robots, it supports graphic code-free programming and drag-and-drop teaching programming;


Practical and flexible: the weight of the robot is 40KG, and the weight of the controller is 12KG, which is easy to move;


Safety protection: the robot arm has a collision protection function to ensure the safety of the staff in an all-round way;


Intelligent welding: support laser seam tracking and visual seam tracking, built-in a variety of welding DEMO, welding parameter preset; support 3D digital model import, automatic extraction of welding contour~


Complete welding process: support online modification of welding process, offline trajectory simulation operation, swing arc welding, multi-layer and multi-pass, linear/arc coordination, flight arc ignition, external multi-axis linkage, etc.~


TURINrobot protects the interests of customers

Cost: There is no peripheral support device, which reduces the cost of safety facilities; the deployment and commissioning cycle is short; the use of robots to replace old welders reduces labor costs.


Quality: The quality of manual welding is unstable, the card protector robot can maintain standard operation without deformation, and the product consistency is high.


Efficiency: Welding requires high physical strength, coordination of the eyes and attention of both hands, and workers are prone to fatigue; the card protector robot can work stably for 24 hours, the effective working time is significantly increased, and the work efficiency is improved.


Type change: easy to set up, can be moved to multiple stations, easily meet the needs of small batch and multi-category production, and realize rapid transformation of production.


Recruitment: Simplify manual operations, make employees become smart equipment operators, significantly reduce technical difficulty, labor intensity, occupational hazards, stay away from occupational diseases, improve work experience, and solve recruitment problems.


Benefits of Using a TURINRobot

Use the TURINwelding robot to replace these manual welding methods. It can not only reduce the labor intensity of welders, but also ensure the quality and efficiency of welding in the process of standardization. However, traditional industrial welding robots are weak and difficult to deploy, which makes the project lead-in period long and high in cost. Therefore, the TURINintelligent welding collaborative robot has been upgraded again, and the process package is more complete, supporting welding processes such as straight line, swing arc, multi-layer and multi-pass.


The TURINwelding robot is mainly developed based on the collaborative robot body. It consists of robot body and control cabinet, welding power supply (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding torch (pliers) and other components. Sensing systems can be selected according to requirements, such as laser seam tracker or arc tracker, etc., to adapt to a variety of mainstream welding machines on the market.


The TURINcollaborative welding robot is small, lightweight, and easy to move, especially suitable for small batches of diverse welding. It has functions such as graphic programming and drag-and-drop programming. It is simple to teach, occupies a small area, and has collision detection and safety protection functions on the body to ensure the safety of staff.


TURINintelligent welding collaborative robot can be used in laser welding, arc welding, gas shielded welding and other welding scenarios, and supports straight line, swing arc, multi-layer and multi-pass welding processes, and its welding quality meets the relevant requirements of the industry. TURINRobot will continue to develop and innovate, continuously inject new energy into intelligent manufacturing, and help industrial upgrading. All along, TURINRobotics will continue to provide enterprises with cost-effective, professional and reliable collaborative robots and collaborative robot solutions.

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