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Common faults and treatment methods of linear displacement sensors?

What are the common faults and treatment methods of linear displacement sensors? TURIN Robot will explain them from six aspects:


1. If the electronic ruler is used for a long time, the seal is aging, and there are many impurities. The water mixture and oil will seriously affect the contact resistance of the brush, causing the display to continuously jump. At this time, it can be said that the electronic scale of the linear displacement sensor has been damaged and needs to be replaced.


2. If the power supply capacity is small, there will be many situations, so the power supply needs to have sufficient capacity. Therefore, insufficient capacity will lead to the following situations: the melt movement will change the display and fluctuation of the mold clamping electronic scale, or the mold clamping movement will cause the display of the glue injection electronic scale to fluctuate, resulting in large measurement errors.


The above situation is more likely to occur if the driving power of the solenoid valve is also provided by the linear displacement sensor. In severe cases, the voltage range of the multimeter can even measure the relevant voltage fluctuations. If this situation is not caused by high frequency interference, static interference or insufficient neutral point, it may be caused by low power supply.


3. FM interference and static interference may cause the digital display of the electronic scale of the linear displacement sensor to jump. The signal line of the electronic scale should be separated from the strong line of the device. The electronic ruler must be grounded, and the electronic ruler shell must be in good contact with the ground. The signal line needs to be shielded, and a section of the electrical box should be grounded with a shielded wire.


If there is high-frequency interference, the voltage measured by the multimeter will be displayed normally, but the displayed number will continue to jump; when there is static interference, the situation is the same as high-frequency interference. In order to prove whether it is static interference, you can use the power cord to connect the cover screw of the electronic scale with some metal on the machine. As long as a short connection is made, the static interference will be eliminated immediately.


However, it is difficult to use the above method if one wants to eliminate high frequency interference. Frequency conversion economizers and manipulators often have high-frequency interference, so you can try to stop high-frequency economizers or manipulators to verify whether it is high-frequency interference.


4. If the electronic ruler of the linear displacement sensor regularly skips the display data of a certain point during the working process, or does not display data, it is necessary to check whether the insulation of the connecting wire is damaged, and regularly touch the machine shell, resulting in a short circuit to the ground.


5. The power supply voltage must be stable, and the industrial voltage must meet the requirements of ±0.1[%]. The quasi-voltage of 10%V allows fluctuations of ±0.01V. Otherwise, it will cause the display trap to fluctuate. However, if the displayed fluctuation range does not exceed the fluctuation range of the fluctuating voltage, the electronic scale is normal.


6. During the connection process, pay more attention to the three wires of the electronic scale not to be connected incorrectly, and the power cord and output wire cannot be replaced. If the online connection is wrong, the linearity error will be large and difficult to control, the control accuracy will be poor, and the display will easily jump.

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