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The global industrial robotics market is expected to generate a revenue of USD 32.09 billion by 2030

Current economic development trends with increasing emphasis on increasing the productivity of mass production lines, especially in the manufacture of vehicles and electrical equipment, are a significant factor driving the growth of the industrial robotics market,

According to relevant research, the global industrial robot market size is 14.35 billion US dollars in 2021, and is expected to reach 32.09 billion US dollars by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.46% from 2022 to 2030.


Global Industrial Robot Market Overview

Robotic systems used in manufacturing are called industrial robots. These are automated, programmable, and have three or more axes of motion. It is defined as a programmable mechanical device used to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with high precision on behalf of a person. They are designed for soldering, painting, pick and place, PCB mounting and mounting, packaging and labeling, palletizing, product inspection and manufacturing testing. Cost savings, faster operation, smaller size, higher quality, and greater manufacturing efficiency and flexibility are all advantages of industrial robots. The market is expected to benefit from increased awareness of the benefits they offer.


The major factor driving the market growth is the continuous transition from manual to automated processes, which increases the demand for these robots. Synchronization of management, production and control is essential for the efficient operation of industrial workflows. Industrial robots are becoming increasingly important as they facilitate processes and increase the accuracy and efficiency of workflows. The emergence of small businesses, increased investment in automation, and strict government regulations for handling hazardous chemicals and products are driving the demand for these robots. Likewise, industrial robots assist in lifting heavy objects during car manufacturing and machine customization. The emergence of smart factories has expanded the market potential.

 The global industrial robotics market is expected to generate a revenue of USD 32.09 billion by 2030(图1)

The main development history of industrial robots

In January 2021, Omron Corporation announced the launch of a new industrial robot, the i4 series of SCARA robots. The robot is equipped with high-speed automatic high-precision assembly that is easy to install and transport. These i4 series robots have a compact design and are suitable for lightweight applications.


In February 2021, Kawasaki Heavy Industries said it had installed a domestic automated polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test system running Kawasaki robots at Fujita Medical University in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


In April 2021, Kuka AG announced the debut of a new operating system, iiQKA.OS, which significantly simplifies the use of robots. This new operating system forms the foundation of the entire ecosystem and provides a robust selection of programs, components, applications, devices and services.

 The global industrial robotics market is expected to generate a revenue of USD 32.09 billion by 2030(图2)

Global Industrial Robot Market Segmentation

Industrial Robots Market, By Type: Traditional Industrial Robots, Collaborative Robots.


Industrial Robots Market, By Industry: Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Plastics, Rubber & Chemicals Metals & Machinery, Food & Beverages, Others.


Industrial Robots Market, By Geography:

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico.

Europe: Germany, France, UK, Rest of Europe.

Asia Pacific: China, Japan, India, Rest of Asia Pacific.

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