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Recommended programming skills for welding robots

1. Select a reasonable welding sequence to reduce the welding deformation and the length of the welding torch walking path to formulate the welding sequence.

2. The space transition of the welding torch requires a short, smooth and safe moving trajectory.


3. Optimize welding parameters, in order to obtain the best welding parameters, make working test pieces for welding test and process evaluation.


4. Adopt reasonable positioner position, welding torch posture, and welding torch relative joint position. After the workpiece is fixed on the positioner, if the welding seam is not in the ideal position and angle, it is required to continuously adjust the positioner during programming, so that the welded seam reaches the horizontal position one by one according to the welding sequence.

At the same time, it is necessary to continuously adjust the position of each axis of the robot, and reasonably determine the position, angle and extension length of the welding torch relative to the joint. After the position of the workpiece is determined, the position of the welding torch relative to the joint must be observed by the programmer's eyes, which is difficult. This requires programmers to be good at summarizing and accumulating experience.


5. Insert the gun cleaning program in time. After writing a welding program of a certain length, the gun cleaning program should be inserted in time, which can prevent the welding spatter from clogging the welding nozzle and contact tip, ensure the cleaning of the welding gun, improve the life of the nozzle, ensure reliable arc ignition, reduce Welding spatter.


6. The programming generally cannot be completed in one step. It is necessary to continuously check and modify the program during the robot welding process, and adjust the welding parameters and the posture of the welding torch to form a good program.

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