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Five advantages of welding robots and the main factors affecting welding quality

Welding robots mainly include two categories: robots and welding equipment. The robot consists of the robot itself and the control box (hardware and software). The welding equipment, taking arc welding and spot welding as an example, is composed of welding power source, (including its control system), wire feeder (arc welding), welding machine (clamp) and other parts. There should also be sensing systems for intelligent robots, such as laser or camera sensors and control devices. Today, the technology of automatic welding robots has become more and more perfect, and it mainly has the following five advantages:


1. Stabilize and improve the welding quality, which can reflect the welding quality in a numerical way;

2. Improve labor efficiency;

3. Improve the labor intensity of workers, and can work under harmful conditions;

4. Reduced regulations for workers to operate technology;

5. It shortens the preparation period for product modification and replacement, and reduces the corresponding equipment investment.

Therefore, welding robots have been widely used in various fields.


Main Factors Affecting Welding Quality

Welding robot positioners and tooling fixtures have relatively high requirements for the precise positioning of parts. The positioning of the robot welding tooling before and after the process must be consistent. These are one of the ways to improve the quality of welding robots. Because the displacement angle of the positioner is relatively large, the robot welding fixture should try to prevent the use of movable manual pins.


In addition, the welding quality of the welding robot is greatly affected by the welding wire, which prevents the selection of copper-plated welding wires of poor quality, otherwise welding impurities are likely to be generated.


These impurities are actually impurities in the welding robot wire and welding substrate, mainly the high temperature oxidation of silicon and manganese during the welding process and the chemical reaction of CO2 in the maintenance gas, which is also the main reason for affecting the welding quality of the welding robot.


In order to improve the welding quality of the welding robot, it is necessary to reduce the number of times of replacing the welding wire. It is better to use barreled or coiled welding wire at the beginning of welding, but because the wire feeding hose required for the barreled welding wire is very long and the resistance is large, the The stiffness and other quality requirements are higher.

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