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How to ensure the repeatability of the welding robot?

The accuracy of the welding robot is affected by many factors, including the load of the robot arm, tool wear, and the difficulty of welding workpieces. In addition to the use of high-precision measuring instruments, the accuracy can also be compensated by welding auxiliary equipment and welding control systems. And with the continuous improvement and development of welding robot technology, the error of welding robot requirements for welding parts is relatively small.


1Preparation of special welding process

Compile a special welding process for welding robots, and carry out strict process regulations on part size, weld groove, and assembly size during programming. Generally, the dimensional tolerance of parts and grooves is controlled within ±0.8mm, and the assembly size error is controlled within ±1.5mm. The probability of welding defects such as pores and undercuts in the weld can be greatly reduced.


2With auxiliary equipment to ensure accuracy

Use higher-precision assembly tooling to improve the assembly accuracy of the weldment. The welding positioner can drag the weldment to the welding range of the welding gun, which can reduce the distance between the welding seam and the welding gun, which is conducive to filling the welding seam with just the right welding material under the welding gun, ensuring that the welding seam is beautiful and firm. The automatic tracking technology is that the control system adjusts the appropriate welding parameters by identifying the welding seam specifications, and the actuator can accurately weld the welding seam.


3Welding Arm Load Capacity

The welding robot can achieve stable welding in harsh environments, thanks to the load capacity of the welding machine. If the weight of the weldment is controlled within the load capacity of the welding manipulator, the welding manipulator can ensure flexibility while stabilizing the welding quality. The robot arm can also achieve precise welding during the swinging process.


4keep equipment clean

The welding seam should be kept clean, and there should be no oil, rust, welding slag, cutting slag and other debris before welding, and a weldable primer is allowed. Otherwise, it will affect the success rate of arc ignition. The tack welding is changed from electrode welding to gas shielded welding, and at the same time, the spot welding parts are polished to avoid slag shells or pores remaining due to tack welding, thereby avoiding arc instability and even splash generation.

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