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Technical Characteristics and Development Trends of Spot Welding Robots

The spot welding robot is composed of the robot body, computer control system, teaching box and spot welding system. In order to adapt to the working requirements of flexible movements, the Welding Robot usually uses the basic design of an articulated industrial robot, which generally has six degrees of freedom. : Waist turn, big arm turn, forearm turn, wrist turn, wrist swing and wrist twist.

There are two driving methods for the spot welding robot: hydraulic drive and electric drive. Among them, the electric drive has the advantages of simple maintenance, low energy consumption, high speed, high precision, and good safety, so it is widely used. The spot welding robot performs spot welding operations in accordance with the actions, sequences and parameters specified by the teaching program. The process is fully automated and has an interface for communication with external equipment. Through this interface, it can accept the upper-level main control and management computer. Control commands to work.

Spot Welding Robot

Spot Welding Robot

Technical characteristics

(1) The technology is comprehensive. The complete set of industrial robot and automation technology, which concentrates and integrates a number of disciplines, involves a number of technical fields, including industrial robot control technology, robot dynamics and simulation, robot construction finite element analysis, laser processing technology, modular programming, and intelligent measurement , Advanced manufacturing technologies such as integration of modeling and processing, factory automation and fine logistics, with strong technical comprehensiveness.

(2) Wide range of applications. Industrial Robots and complete sets of automation equipment are key equipment in the production process, which can be used in manufacturing, installation, testing, logistics and other production links, and are widely used in automotive vehicles and auto parts, construction machinery, rail transit, low-voltage electrical appliances, electricity, and IC Many industries, including equipment, military industry, tobacco, finance, medicine, metallurgy, printing and publishing, have a wide range of applications.

(3) Advanced technology. Industrial robots integrate advanced manufacturing technologies such as precision, flexibility, intelligence, and software application development. Through the implementation of process detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making, it can increase output, improve quality, reduce costs, and reduce resources. Consumption and environmental pollution are the highest level of industrial automation.

(4) Technology upgrade. Industrial robots and complete sets of automation equipment have technical characteristics such as fine manufacturing, fine processing, and flexible production. They are a new generation of production tools that fully extend human physical and intellectual capabilities after power machinery and computers. They are the realization of digital production, automation, and networking. It is an important means of transformation and intelligence.

development trend

The first large-scale use of spot welding robots will appear in developed areas. With the progress of industrial transfer, the manufacturing industry in developed regions needs to be upgraded. Based on the reality of increasing labor costs, the application of spot welding robots has become the best alternative. In the future, the large-scale application of spot welding robots in my country will be concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing and other places, and the possession of spot welding robots will account for more than half of the country.

The growing Spot Welding Robot market and huge market potential attract the attention of world-renowned robot manufacturers. At present, the spot welding robots imported by our country mainly come from Japan, but as companies with their own intellectual property rights such as "robots" continue to appear, more and more spot welding robots will be made in China.

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