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Quality Control in The Production of Welding Robots

The advanced technology of welding robots provides us with good production tools, but this does not mean that we can definitely achieve high-quality welding production. Welding robot application technology is a systematic project. Based on the summary of nearly 10 years of work experience, Welding Robot Suppliers feel that the following aspects of work cannot be ignored:

Welding Robot

Welding Robot

1. Establish and cultivate a team with robotics literacy

Welding Robot engineering is a concentration of mechatronics technology, which includes robotics, automation control technology, welding technology, etc. It is unrealistic to expect an enterprise to train comprehensive technical personnel, but the application status of welding robots is indeed related to the technical literacy of these people. Therefore, I think that robot users can build a team that serves robot applications. In this team, they can be divided into several categories of personnel such as robot equipment and application technology management, welding process and robot operation program debugging, and on-site production operations. Each has its own responsibilities.

(1) Robot equipment and application technology management personnel are mainly responsible for the maintenance and management of robot system equipment, as well as the development and utilization of robot application technology, with the purpose of mining the maximum working capacity of the robot.

(2) Welding process and robot operating procedure debugging personnel are mainly responsible for the management of robot operating procedures. The purpose of welding robot application is to serve welding production. The welding technician’s grasp of welding quality is the key to robot welding quality. His responsibility It is to make the robot a handy tool for him, and to convey his welding ideas to the robot completely.

(3) Although the main work of on-site production operators is loading and unloading workpieces, these are not enough. They must also have their own judgment ability and be able to accurately and timely feedback the performance of the welding robot to the robot equipment and Application technical management personnel, including welding process and robot operating program debugging personnel, will help to make accurate judgments and formulate failure solutions immediately in the event of equipment failure, so as to gain time for the restoration of production.

2. Quality control management

With a technical team serving welding robots, it is necessary to carry out strict management on the equipment operating procedures, which can not only reduce the robot's downtime rate, but also ensure the quality of welding. We know that the operating characteristic of the robot is to reproduce an operation process repeatedly. If there is no error in the operation process, a batch of products of the same high quality can be obtained. Conversely, if there is even a small error in the operation process and it is not discovered in time, a batch of defective products of the same low quality, or even waste products, will be obtained.

3. Application of quality control equipment

Quality control equipment supporting the application of welding robots is also constantly developing, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) The robot's own quality control and welding management functions have been very complete, such as the monitoring of welding shielding gas flow, and the management of contact tip replacement time intervals.

(2) On the welding fixture, the use of sensors such as workpiece detection and judgment ensures the accuracy of workpiece installation and positioning to a large extent.

(3) The use of special control equipment further strengthens the quality control of the welding process. For example, the current and voltage monitoring during the arc robot welding process, the wire feeding speed monitoring, and the real-time spot welding current and time monitoring of the spot welding robot.

Welding robots have always occupied a dominant position in the use of robots. Although they have been rapidly developed in China in recent years, their applications are still in the rising period of development in the world, and we still have a lot of work to do. How to introduce foreign mature robot application technology for our use, how to integrate with foreign countries in welding quality control, how to cultivate the domestic welding robot market, and a series of issues are waiting for us to make further efforts.

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