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Handling Robot Control System

With the development of technology, the logistics industry is also undergoing changes, and automation has begun to be used in the handling of bulk goods. The Handling Robot introduced here can fully unload standardized bulk goods from containers and transfer platforms.

The chassis of the robot is connected to a retractable conveyor belt, which guides the robot to the container, and realizes automatic loading and unloading through the combination of an image recognition system and the robot. If all the packages are not within the working range of the robot, the robot system controlled by the PLC component of the SCHLEICHER controller will move to the best position on the steerable chassis and continue loading and unloading there.

Handling Robot

Handling Robot

The 3D laser scanner detects the position of the package inside the container and transmits the data to the SCHLEICHER controller. The image processing software under the Windows system will evaluate the data. The software calculates the potential grip points and associated trajectories, checks the accessibility of the grip points and whether the trajectory is collision-free. The Robot target coordinates determined in this way are transmitted to the CNC component of the same controller. The gripper is controlled by CNC, which can grab packages of different sizes with a maximum weight of 31.5kg and place them on the conveyor belt.

The robot is defined by a translation axis and five rotation axes. The center point of the tool has six degrees of freedom. The arrangement of the spindle is similar to that of a Rotating Articulated Arm Robot. The two rotation axes and the rotation wrist axis are installed in the kinematic chain and can move horizontally. On the translation axis.

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