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How To Choose Welding Robot?

When selecting and purchasing a Welding Robot, it is important to fully understand its performance indicators. When using a robot, mastering its main technical indicators is a prerequisite for the correct use of the robot. The technical indicators listed by various manufacturers in their robot product manuals are usually relatively simple, and certain performance indicators should be thoroughly understood according to actual needs during negotiations and investigations.

The main technical indicators of welding robots can be divided into two parts, the general indicators of the robot and the special indicators of the welding robot.

Welding Robot

Welding Robot

Robot general technical indicators

1) The number of degrees of freedom is an important indicator reflecting the flexibility of the robot. Generally speaking, 3 degrees of freedom can be reached in the robot workspace, but not only the welding must reach a certain position in the space, but also the spatial posture of the welding gun (cutting tool or welding tongs) must be ensured. Therefore, arc welding and cutting robots need at least 5 degrees of freedom, and spot welding robots need at least 6 degrees of freedom.

2) Load refers to the rated load that the end of the robot can bear. Welding guns and their cables, cutting tools and gas pipes, welding tongs and cables, and cooling water pipes are all loads. Therefore, the load capacity of the arc welding and cutting robot is 6-10kg. If the spot welding robot uses an integrated transformer and an integrated welding gun, its load capacity should be 6090kg. If a separate welding gun is used, its load capacity should be 4050kg.

3) Workspace The workspace given by the manufacturer is the maximum space that the robot can reach without any terminal manipulators, and this space is represented by graphics. After installing the welding torch (or welding tongs), pay special attention to the posture of the welding torch. The actual weldable space will be one layer smaller than the space provided by the manufacturer. It is necessary to use scale drawing method or model method to calculate carefully to determine whether it meets actual needs.

4) Maximum speed This is an important indicator that affects production efficiency in production. The product manual gives the maximum linear velocity that can be reached at the end of the robot's wrist under each axis linkage. Due to the low speed required for welding, the maximum speed only affects the positioning of the welding torch (or welding tongs), the idle stroke and the return to the end time. Normally, the cutting robot of the welding robot depends on different cutting methods.

5) Point-to-point repeatability is one of the most important indicators of robot performance. For the spot welding robot, starting from the process requirements, its accuracy should be less than 1/2 of the electrode diameter of the welding torch, which is +12mm. For arc welding robots, the diameter should be less than 1/2 of the diameter of the welding wire, that is, 0.2 to 0.4 mm.

6) Trajectory repeatability This index is very important for arc welding robots and cutting robots, but every robot manufacturer does not give this index because the measurement is more complicated. However, every robot manufacturer performs this measurement internally and should insist on its accuracy data. For arc welding and cutting robots, the track repeatability should be less than 1/2 of the diameter of the welding wire or the hole of the cutting tool, usually +0.30.5mm or less.

7) User memory capacity refers to the memory capacity of the main computer in the robot controller. This reflects the length of the teaching program that the robot can store, and is related to the complexity of the workpiece that can be processed. That is, the maximum number of teaching points. It is usually expressed by the number of coefficients that can store the robot instruction and the total number of bytes (Byte) stored, and also expressed by the maximum number of teaching points.

8) Interpolation function For arc welding, cutting and Spot Welding Robots, it shall have linear interpolation and circular interpolation functions.

9) Language conversion function Each factory robot has its own special language, but its screen display can be displayed in multiple languages. For example, Deca robots can choose to display English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swiss and other languages. This is very useful to facilitate the work of workers. Chinese home robots can display in Chinese.

10) Self-diagnostic robots should have functions such as automatic inspection of main components and main functional modules, fault alarms and fault location display. This is very important to ensure quick repair and guarantee the robot. Therefore, the self-diagnosis function is an important function of the robot and one of the main indicators for evaluating the integrity of the robot. Now, world-renowned brand industrial robots have 30 to 50 self-diagnostic function items, which will display the diagnosis results and alarms to users with designated codes and indicator lights.

11) Self-protection and safety assurance functions The robot has self-protection and safety assurance functions. Mainly include overheating of the drive system, automatic shutdown protection, automatic shutdown protection when speed exceeds limit, automatic shutdown protection for red tide catching, etc., which can prevent robots from hurting people or damaging peripheral equipment. Various types of robots are installed in the working parts of the robot. Tactile touch or proximity sensor, and can make the robot automatically stop working.

Special technical indicators of welding robots

1) Applicable welding or cutting method This is particularly important for arc welding robots. This essentially reflects the anti-interference ability of the robot control and drive system. At present, general arc welding robots only use MIG welding method, because these welding methods do not need to use high-frequency arc ignition, the robot's control and drive system does not have special anti-interference measures, and tungsten argon arc welding can be used. The robot is a new product in recent years, it has a special anti-interference measures. Pay attention to this when choosing a robot.

2) Swing function This is very important for arc welding robots, and it is related to the process performance of arc welding robots. Currently, the swing function of arc welding robots is very different. Some robots have only several fixed swing modes, and some robots can only set swing modes and parameters arbitrarily on the xy plane. The best option is to be able to move in space (xy, z). Set the swing mode and parameters arbitrarily within this range.

3) Welding user point teaching function This is a very useful function in welding teaching, that is, when welding teaching, first teach the position of a certain point on the weld, and then adjust the posture of the welding gun or welding clamp. When adjusting the posture, the position of the original teaching point is completely unchanged. In fact, the robot can automatically compensate for the change in the position of the home point caused by the adjustment of the posture, and ensure the coordinates of the home point to facilitate the teaching of the operator.

4) Self-checking and self-processing functions for welding process faults. This refers to the common faults in the welding process, such as sticky wire in arc welding, broken wire, sticky electrode in spot welding, etc. After these failures, if measures are not taken in time, it will cause major accidents such as robot damage. Or scrap parts appear. Therefore, the robot must have the function of detecting such failures and automatically stopping and alarming in real time.

5) Arc ignition and arc closing functions need to change parameters in order to ensure welding quality. In robot welding, it should be able to be set and modified during the teaching process, which is an indispensable function of Arc Welding Robots.

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