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Take you to know Hyundai Heavy Industry Spot Welding Robot

With its stable performance and large working space, Welding Robots have become the "welder master" in the hearts of everyone. Among them, spot welding robots represented by modern robots are constantly seeking breakthroughs in welding speed and trajectory control. The high precision is admirable. The following will show you the spot welding robot of Hyundai Heavy Industry:

Welding Robots

Welding Robots

1. What is a spot welding robot

Spot Welding Robot is a kind of welding robot, which mainly includes industrial robot and terminal welding equipment. The motion mode of arc welding is a continuous trajectory, while spot welding is from one point target to another, so there are different requirements for the robot.

Spot welding is usually divided into two categories: double-sided spot welding and single-sided spot welding.

In double-sided spot welding, the electrode feeds power from both sides of the workpiece to the welding location, which is the most common method.

In single-sided spot welding, the electrode is fed from the same side welding point of the workpiece. The typical single-sided spot welding method is single-sided single spot welding. The electrode that does not form a solder joint uses a large diameter and a large contact surface to reduce the current density .

2. System configuration of spot welding robot

Hyundai heavy industry spot welding robot system configuration: the industrial robot is equipped with a servo sliding table and a double-head welding gun with adjustable pitch

The most reliable and cost-effective large robot

Weld two points at the same time, saving about 40% of working time

Reduce the number of robots and reduce investment (2 units reduced to 1 unit)

 The high-speed movement of the servo slide table saves about 30% of the loading time

 Can correspond to mixed-line production of subsequent models

Simplified production line, reducing maintenance costs

Automatic adjustment function during operation to improve speed and accuracy

3. Unique advantages of spot welding robots

1) When robot spot welding, the pliers body and the transformer are integrated, and the capacity of the transformer can be reduced to 1/3 to 1/4, which saves energy and greatly reduces the heavy physical labor of the operator.

2) It can easily realize unique welding sequence for different spot positions, improve the spot quality, and avoid the problems of missing spot, multiple spot and inaccurate position.

3) Spot welding robots have obvious advantages in dotting efficiency, which can increase the efficiency by 8 to 10 times.

4) Spot welding robots can use some of the robot's unique technologies to further accurately control the welding sequence to further improve welding efficiency and welding quality.

4. Application field of spot welding robot

The most common use of spot welding robots should be in the automatic assembly workshops of automobile bodies, including the welding of automobile chassis, seat frames, guide rails, mufflers, and torque converters. They are especially widely used in automobile chassis welding production.

The company also provides Arc Welding Robots, please feel free to contact us if necessary

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