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Maintenance of welding robot

Welding industrial robots play an important role in the production line. For the relatively expensive industrial robots, daily maintenance work is very important.

Industrial robot is more prone to high-temperature components. Servo motors, servo motors, and reducers will generate high temperatures after long-term operation. Touching these components can easily cause burns. Many parts of the robot will heat up during normal work, especially the servo. The motor, reducer part, and sometimes the parts close to these two parts will become hot, and touching these parts may cause burns. As the ambient temperature becomes higher, more robot surfaces will become very hot and easily cause burns.


How can we avoid the high temperature problem of welding robots?

1. Before touching these parts with your hands, feel the temperature of these parts with your hands to prevent burns.

2. After the shutdown, wait for enough time to let the high temperature part cool down before performing maintenance and other work.


An industrial robot is a flexible system that can be used in many industrial fields. All tasks must be operated by professional personnel and comply with certain safety guidelines. Always be careful when operating. High-quality operator: industrial robots must be familiar with the entire system for risk professionals to operate the various subsystems present.


Maintenance of welding robot

Next,as welding robots supplier, Turin Robot will introduce some maintenance measures of our product TKB1400 welding industrial robot ( 6kg payload, 1441.5mm arm reach ). Do a good job in the inspection of industrial robots to extend the service life of industrial robots.


1.Daily checklist:


Serial number

Check item

judgement standard








Leak check

Check if there are any leaks in the triple parts, air pipes, joints and other components


Abnormal sound check

Check whether the transmission mechanism has abnormal noise


Interference check

Check whether the transmission mechanism is running smoothly and whether there is abnormal jitter


Air cooling check

Check whether the fan behind the control cabinet is well ventilated


Inspection of peripheral bellows accessories

Whether it is complete and complete, whether there is abrasion, whether there is rust


Peripheral electrical accessories inspection

Check whether the external circuit connection of the robot is normal, whether there is damage, whether the button is normal

2.Quarterly checklist:

Serial number

Check item

checking point


Control unit cable

Check whether the teach pendant cable is improperly twisted or damaged


Ventilation unit of control unit

If the ventilation unit is dirty, cut off the power and clean the ventilation unit


Cable in the machine body

Check whether the socket of the machine body is damaged, whether the bending is abnormal, and whether the motor aviation plug is connected reliably


Clean and check every part

Clean up every part and check if there is a problem with the part


Tighten the external screws

Tighten the end effector screws and the external main screws

3.Annual checklist:

Serial number

Check content

checking point



Replace the battery in the mechanical unit


Replace the grease of the reducer and gearbox

Replace according to lubrication requirements

The maintenance of industrial robots must be carried out. Only when problems are discovered in time can the use time of welding robots be extended and higher profit value can be obtained.

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