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Characteristics of 4 axis stacking robot

With the increasing degree of automation of production operations. Industrial robot arm is playing an increasingly important role in palletizing. Palletizing robots are widely used in palletizing and depalletizing tasks in packaging, food, chemical and other fields.

By setting the program of the palletizing robot, the amount of equipment can be greatly reduced, the process can be simplified, and a more accurate and flexible operation solution can be provided.

The palletizing robot arm is fast, simple in structure and small in size . It can complete the palletizing tasks of various items. In the long-term work line, it can improve work efficiency and safety and reliability. Except for the initial purchase funds, the later maintenance costs are lower, which can save considerable labor costs.


Characteristics of 4 axis stacking robot(图1)

Turin Robot is a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in manufacturing robotic arms. Its main 4 axis robot models suitable for palletizing are TKB4600 and TKB4800 .

The product has multiple features to meet your multiple needs

1. Flexible equipment operation, simple maintenance

2. It occupies a small area and can be used in narrow spaces.

3. The positioning is accurate, the equipment is stable, and it can perform tasks perfectly according to the program settings

4. Strong applicability, suitable for palletizing objects of different sizes, shapes and shapes

The figure below is the relevant configuration of the two models of robots

6 axis handling robot arm

In addition to the above two robot arms, we also have other 6 axis robot arm, scara robot arm. If you are interested, you can leave a message on the website, and we will provide you with quality consulting services.

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