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Advantages of welding robots

With the development of science and technology, CNC and robotics technology has been effectively improved. Welding robot arm have been used in production for many years. The technology of welding robots is becoming more and more mature. There are many technical advantages.


Turin welding robot arm is far more efficient than manual work. Welding robots generally use two stations to alternately install and weld, and they are in working condition for a long time and run fast. If you consider equipped with automatic loading and unloading, you can fully implement a 24-hour unmanned working mode.

The work quality of Turin welding robot arm is much higher than that of manual work. There are many factors related to labor, such as welding workers' experience, skills, and working hours. The welding robot is set up according to the program, and its welding quality is stable, avoiding the waste caused by manual error.

Turin welding robot arm cost less than labor. The labor cost is a long-term continuous payment, and the welding robot basically does not incur other costs except for the first purchase cost. Cost reduction can also improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

We have three types welding robot TKB1900, TKB1520, TKB1400. Believe that it can meet the different needs of customers

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If you are interested in our industrial robot arm, you can leave a message here for consultation, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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