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TURIN Industrial robot application field

Due to the very precise characteristics of industrial robots, according to the program settings, it can rotate holes in the same position, tighten screws with the same force, and so on under long-term working conditions. The work efficiency is much higher than that of human beings. With the increasing degree of automation in modern manufacturing, manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding industrial robots.

turin robot arm company

Industrial robots can work in a variety of fields, such as loading and unloading of production lines, workpiece turning, and workpiece rotation. For enterprises to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, and ultimately achieve high-speed, low-cost unmanned production.

Turin Robot has many years of manufacturing experience in the production of industrial robots, with high product accuracy, low noise, long service life, and good product stability. It is a trustworthy and good brand.

We have a variety of 6 axis robot arm and 4 axis robot arm, which are suitable for automated production in various industries. For example, TKB1900, TkB1520, TKB1400, etc. can all be used in the welding field. For palletizing, stamping can consider using our TKB4600, TKB4800. Of course there are other types of robots, I believe they can meet your needs. According to product characteristics and processing requirements, different mechanical grippers can be configured, and multiple product configurations can be customized according to your needs.

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As a well-known robotic arm manipulator in China, we focus on improving product quality and providing customers with better services. Ultimately achieve win-win cooperation.

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