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TURN -Chinese leading industrial robot arm manufacturer

With the rapid development of China science and technology, new industries such as artificial intelligence and automated driving are showing strong vitality. The development of these emerging industries will drive the industrial robot industry. China's industrial robots will seize opportunities and meet challenges.

China has become the world's largest industrial robot market for six consecutive years. According to the strategic requirements of made in China 2025,the sales volume of industrial robots will reach 150,000 units this year and 400,000 units in 2030.

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TURN Robot is one of the leading robotic arm manufacturers in China. The factory is located in the beautiful city, Shanghai. Reliable quality and affordable prices have attracted customers from all over the world. Turing Robot focuses on the manufacturing and production of welding robot, small 6 axis robot, and high-precision scara robot. TURN It has more than ten years history of industrial robot research and development. Cost-effective products will be favored by the market. The total market sales exceed 20,000 units. .


It is well known that industrial robots can play a huge role in automated assembly operations such as automobile production, which can not only improve product quality but also effectively reduce production costs. Now the application range of industrial robots has been expanded. Robots can be used for welding, handling, injection molding, and spraying. The demand for automation upgrades is strong. The future industrial robots play a central role.


TURN 6 axis robot arm can be widely used in welding, loading and unloading, handling and other fields. The scara robot arm can be widely used in polishing, gluing, picking and placing and other fields. TURN 4 axis robot arm can play an important role in palletizing, stamping and other fields.


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Our company is also actively seeking global strategic partners to achieve a win-win exploration and provide a series of preferential service policies and better follow-up services. You can leave a message here if you are interested TURN Robot.

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