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Looking for National and Regional Partners

Services We Provide:

1. Turin Robotics Global Market Layout has begun. We authorize 2-5 strategic partners in each country to implement regional protection.

2. Provide factory customized training according to the needs of agents, and it is free of charge.

3. Provide discount and free spare part services according to purchasing volume.

4. Supply two-year warranty for the quality of robot bodies. 

5. Offer exhibition sponsorship for official agents.

6. Turin company only keeps in touch with official agents. All other customer information obtained by Turin will be transferred to official agents. Turin company implements a uniform price policy.

7. Provide free training in the factory.

Looking for Regional Partners

Turin industrial robotic arms include welding robots, handling robots, SCARA robots, 6 axis industrial robots, 4 axis industrial robots, and other automatic robotic arms. Our industrial robot accessories include welding positioners, walking rails, torch clean stations, and welding torch parts.

TURIN robotic arms are widely used in welding, cutting, painting, handling, palletizing, polishing and other fields.

 turn robot stragetic partners

Welding robots can be applied to construction machinery, petrochemical industry, energy, nuclear power, rail transit, aerospace, shipbuilding, mining, machinery, automobiles, metallurgical equipment, food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other industries.


Handling robots are widely used in manufacturing now, including machining operation, 3c industry, microelectronics manufacturing, medicine production, home appliance production, and other industries. Handling robots will be more and more applied in catering industry, food processing, warehousing, loading and unloading on the public places such as post offices, libraries, docks and airports, tobacco processing, dangerous places and special industries.


SCARA robots are widely used in 3C electronics, household electrical appliances, plastic hardware, new energy, automotive electronics, food and medicine industries.


Turin industrial robots with high quality and cost-effective price have achieved 95% repurchasing rate in the Chinese market. And we are exploring the global market. For you, it’s a good opportunity.


Specialties of TURIN robots:

  • TURIN products have good stability with more than 10 years of market verification.

  • In price, TURIN products are very cost effective comparing with products of other brands.

  • We have multi-to-one professional technical team. Questions can be answered and problems can be resolved in short time. It’s absolutely worry-free after-sales.

  • Supply two-year warranty for the quality of robot bodies. 

  • Professional, efficient and timely sales service team.

  • Provide cost-effective robot standard kits and reasonable accessory prices.

  • The TURIN Chinese factory was invested and established by the famous Shanghai Jiaotong University in China, and the professionals are with the degree of Doctor or Master.

  • The core components of TURIN products adopt those brands with a long history or those listed brands in the domestic market, as well as Nabtesco and Shimpo brands in Japan, to ensure higher precision, speed and stability.

  • Make efforts to develop new ideas and new models of integrated robot agent cooperation. Attach great importance to the interests of agents and mutual benefits to achieve the win-win future.

  • Always adhere to regional price protection policie

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