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Turin: Accelerating the pace of robot research and development and helping to develop intelligen
         At the end of last year, Chengdu Turin Automation Tech Co., Ltd.a wholly-owned subsidiary of CRP, was established in ChengDu, relying on the national double-venture demonstration base in Chengrong Town, Pidu District, and the cluster of electronic and information industries. Turin Robot will build a building for the research and development of core components technology and intelligent industrial robots, and build intelligent cooperative robots and industrial robots. The industrial robot production line has become another bright spot of Pidu intelligent manufacturing.

CRP Automation Tech Co., Ltd

        Encouraging China's Development Environment and Helping Chengdu Intelligent Manufacturing        

        Robot Painting, Robot Welding, Robot Handling... In the CRP Robot Temporary Office Area, located in the north of the industrial port, workers are testing robots to complete various tasks. Although it is in the temporary office area, the test workshops, production workshops and administrative offices of Kanop Intelligence have been in normal operation. "Considering the rapid development of future projects, before the project is completed, office space will be rented to facilitate the recruitment of talents for each post." Deng Shihai, deputy general manager of the company, said that after the completion of the project, seamless convergence can be achieved.

Reporters learned that the Kanopu Intelligent Project covers an area of 10 mu in the north of the industrial port, which is used for the research and development, production and sales of the core parts and the whole machine of industrial robots. It is expected to be completed and put into full operation by 2020. After putting into operation, it will be able to produce more than 5,000 sets of intelligent robots annually, with an output value of more than 300 million yuan and an average tax of more than 600,000 yuan per mu.

        Deep Digging and Foreign Technology Gap Accelerate Robot Research and Development

        The new intelligent cooperative robot can flexibly complete all kinds of bending and rotating instructions. This kind of cooperative robot is different from the traditional robot. It has higher security and stability, and requires a lot of algorithms. It is the latest industrial robot. It can break through the general application, from industrial robots to commercial robots, application scenarios are very wide. For example, it's okay to make a delicious cup of coffee for a guest.

        Since 2007, the core technology team of CRP has developed the first generation of industrial robot controller in China. In the past ten years, the team has been digging deep gaps in this field with foreign technology and continuously shortening this distance. The research and development field has extended from "brain" to the overall electrical solutions of industrial robots, the intelligent perspective of robots, intelligent cooperative robots and intelligent industrial robots. On this way, the R&D team of Canop has always maintained the pace of introducing more than two new products into the market every year to maintain innovation vitality and core competitiveness. "Next step, our pace will be faster to expand the field of artificial intelligence applications and improve the popularity.

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