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Torch Cleaning Station

Torch Cleaning System gl-2000S

This torch cleaning station is our economic model. It includes torch cleaning , inject oil and wire cutting three functions. Can well meet all basic maintenance functions of your welding torch and the price is very cost effective. 

Features :


The gun cleaning process is completed automatically without manual operation

Short gun cleaning time and high system availability

Remove splatter that is difficult to remove

Prevent quality problems caused by pollution in welding


Fix the welding torch nozzle on the cleaning station, and then clean up. Grinding techniques are required during the cleaning process. Robot welding guns with different models require a reamer that matches the model. Reamers can be ordered separately as needed. According to the type of welding torch or nozzle and contact tip, choose the appropriate reamer model. To ensure the best cleaning effect, the correct reamer model must be selected. When cleaning the gun, the reamer extends into the nozzle of the welding gun and surrounds the conductive nozzle at the same time. This removes welding slag from the gap between the welding gun nozzle and the contact tip. After cleaning the gun, spray anti-spattering agent to the torch head. After the start signal is issued by the gun cleaning station, after the automatic gun cleaning process begins with the optional wire cutter, the end of the welding wire can be cut to a specific length.

1.Torch cleaning device

*Provide accurate and effective cleaning for most robot welding guns.

*Even if the spatter is sticked seriously, the wire cutting effect is still good.

*During cleaning, the three-point nozzle positioning function will firmly hold the welding gun.

2. Injection device

*Spraying anti spatter liquid can effectively reduce the spatter of welding slag and reduce the maintenance times. It can effectively reduce welding slag adhesion and increase maintenance interval time.

*The clean environment benefits from the design of the nozzle and the residual oil collection pot.

3. Wire cutting device

*Combined with positioning and wire cutting, the wire cutting device provides precise and high-quality wire cutting work to ensure the welding gun has the best arc starting ability and accurate dry elongation value. 

*Perfect design brings long service life.

Gun Cleaning Device.jpg

Gun Cleaning Device.jpg

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Torch Cleaning System JY-2000S(图4)

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