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Torch Cleaning Station

Torch Clean Station QL-121

Motors imported from Italy

German original atomizer

High precision and ingenious manufacturing

High quality pneumatic components

Integral casting of aluminum body

Features :

1. Gun cleaning device

*Provide accurate and effective cleaning for most robot welding guns.

*Even if the spatter is sticked seriously, the wire cutting effect is still good.

*During cleaning, the three-point nozzle positioning function will firmly hold the welding gun.

2. Injection device

*Spraying anti spatter liquid can effectively reduce the spatter of welding slag and reduce the maintenance times. It can effectively reduce welding slag adhesion and increase maintenance interval time.

*The clean environment benefits from the design of the nozzle and the residual oil collection pot.

3. Thread cutting device

*Combined with positioning and wire cutting, the wire cutting device provides precise and high-quality wire cutting work to ensure the welding gun has the best arc starting ability and accurate dry elongation value.

*Perfect design brings long service life.

Welding Gun Nozzle Matching Reamer Model

Gun Cleaning Device.png  


Technical Parameters:

Gun Cleaning Device.png 

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welding positioner.png

Torch Clean Station QL-121(图4)

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