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Handling Robot

Robot Painting TKB1400

TURIN TKB1400 is one of the highest sales of TURIN industrial robots, with the classic design of the welding robot model. The armreach is 1441 mm. It has better stability and it is easy to be maintained. 

It uses highly flexible cables, as well as waterproof, fire proof and dustproof cable protective sleeves, American GATES transmission belts, NABTESCO lubricating oils and other high quality material parts. 

After 7 years of market verification, the stability and cost performance are very good.

It can be used for welding, handling, laser welding, laser cutting, drilling, sorting, palletizing, assembly, bending, loading and unloading, stamping, spraying, grinding ,3C industry, etc.


※The robotic arm span is 1441mm 6kg Payload. It can be installed on the ground or upside down flexibly.

※With large working space and fast running speed, our industrial robots are ideal for welding, spraying, machine tool loading and unloading, handling, sorting, assembling and other applications.

※Use Italian design technology in mechanical and circuit, and take in ABB wiring layout technology in our robot body manufacturing.  Use modular design to simplify wiring, double safety circuit design, and dust protection design for electricity cabinet.

※Support Single phase, 220V working voltage can be better adapted in various environments. The robot body is with dual-circuit gas pipe and meets the welding and handling requirements.

※Programmable robot body cables are made of special cables for flexible robots.

※6+3 Axis (Standard 6 Axis, External 3 Axis is Optional).

※Support external PLC, arc tracking and other accessories (optional), visual software (optional), laser tracking software (optional), arc tracking software (optional), etc.

※Support Chinese/English/Japanese/Polish spanish.

Robotic Arm Procedure

※ Bending:Can realize constant speed tracking, real-time sensor tracking, bending following and automatic return to equality function.

※ Spaying:Four analog interfaces are provided,and standard trajectory template is built in to generate spray trajectory quickly. At the same time, it supports users to build their own spraying trajectory.

※ Palletizing:By setting the basic parameters of the size,number and number of layers of palletizing,the palletizing and disassembling functions can be realized by simple palletizing instructions.

※ Tracing:When the object moves on the conveyor belt,it can realize single tracking (grabbing, spraying, etc.) or multiple tracking (assembling, etc.) of the product.It can set tracking detection point, start point, end point and detection range arbitrarily.

※ Press tending:For press punching industry,a set of solutions for punching process, punching interface and punching connection are developed, which are convenient for customers to connect quickly,use easily and adjust the rhythm.

※ Pick and place.

Robot Painting TKB1400


※Support third-party vision devices and protocols;such as Omron, Cognex, DALASA, etc.

※Three triggering modes of support instruction, timing and distance.


 Specification Data

robotic arm tkb1400.png


 Motion Range


industrial robot structure

 Configuration List

※Robot body.

※Electrical Cabinet (including controller, drives, IO board etc).

※Teaching pendant.

※Wiring cables 6 meters.

※Working process software.

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