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SCARA Robot STW060


* Model: STW060 S/E

Payload: 6 Kg

* Arm Reach: 500/600/700 mm

Dof: 4 dof

Body Weight:  37.5-42 Kg 


* Most cost-effective main products,compact,fast,high precision

* Use modular design to simplify wiring, double safety circuit design

* Use Italian design technology in mechanical and circuit

Take in ABB wiring layout technology in our robot body manufacturing

Used for spraying, loading,handling, sorting, assembling


※SCARA Robotic Arm STH060 span is 500/600/700mm 6kg Payload. It has fast running speed and very high precision,  ideal for material pick and place in 3C industry.

※Use Italian design technology in mechanical and circuit, and take in ABB wiring layout technology in our robot body manufacturing. Use modular design to simplify wiring, double safety circuit design, and dust protection design for electricity cabinet.

※Support Single phase, 220V working voltage can be better adapted in various environments.

※Support External PLC, arc tracking and other accessories (optional), visual software (optional), laser tracking software (optional), arc tracking software (optional), etc.

※Support Chinese/English/Japanese/Polish spanish.

 Specification Data

SCARA Robot STW060(图1)

 Motion Range

STW060 Series:

SCARA Robot STW060(图2)


 Configuration List:

※Robot body

※Electrical Cabinet (including controller, drives, IO board etc)

※Teaching pendant

※Wiring cables 6 meters

※Working process software



※Support third-party vision devices and protocols, such as Omron, Cognex, and DALASA.

※Three triggering modes of support instruction, timing and distance.

※Provide laser seam tracking system.

※Provide electrical arc tracking board.


-How much does a Scara robot cost?

STH030  $8998 - $4998

-What does Scara robot mean?

SCARA is a special type of industrial robot with cylindrical coordinates. The SCARA robot has 3 rotary joints, the axes of which are parallel to each other, for positioning and orientation in the plane. The other joint is a mobile joint used to complete the movement of the end piece perpendicular to the plane.


-Where are Scara robots used?

The SCARA robot system is compliant in the x and y directions, and has good rigidity in the Z axis direction. This feature is particularly suitable for assembly work, such as inserting a round needle into a round hole, so the SCARA system is first used in assembly printing Circuit boards and electronic components; another feature of SCARA is its two-bar structure in series, similar to a human arm, which can be extended to work in a limited space and then retracted. It is suitable for moving and picking up objects such as integrated circuit boards. .

Today, SCARA robots are also widely used in the plastics industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Its main function is to move parts and assembly work. Its first axis and second axis have rotational characteristics. The third and fourth axis can be manufactured into a variety of different forms according to different work needs, and one has rotation and the other has linear movement. characteristic. Because of its specific shape, its working range is similar to a fan-shaped area.


-How many axes does a Scara robot have?

4 axis


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