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Welding Positioner

Platform Two Axis Servo Positioner

TURIN Robot can synergize with maximum three external axis positioners. This platform two-axis servo positioner mainly consists of welding base, rotary frame, AC servo motor, RV precise reducer, rotary support, conductive system, protective cover and electrical control system.

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This platform two-axis servo positioner mainly consists of the whole welding frame, the rotary frame, the RV precise reducer, the AC servo motor, the rotary support part, the conductive system, the protective cover and the electrical control system.


The whole welding frame is made by high-quality section.The machining was after stress relief annealing, which ensured the machining accuracy and the use accuracy. Anti-rust appearance paint is beautiful and elegant, and the color can be customized.


Rotary frame is made by high-quality steel section with professional machining. With standard pith tapped hole on the surface for installing positioning tooling, and it was painted after black oxidation treatment.

The AC servo motor matching the RV reducer can guarantee high rotary stability, high positioning accuracy, long durability and the low failure rate.


The conductive mechanism is made in brass, which gives perfect conduction. The foundation is wholly insulation to protect the servo motor, robot, welding power, etc.

We choose Omron(Japan) PLC to control the positioner and electrical elements are all from famous brands, which ensures the high stability and low failure rate.

 Technical Specification:


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 Configuration List :

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 Standard Colour of the Equipment:

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 Technical Specification:

Platform Two Axis Servo Positioner.png

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