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Pick And Place Robotic Arm STH030

SCARA Robot STH030 As the main product series of our company, SCARA is widely welcomed and favored by the market with its high precision, high speed and high cost performance.

STH030 terminal load 3KG, arm span 400/500/600 optional; SHIMPO imported reducer is adopted, and the servo motor is standard configuration of INOVANCE, a big brand of domestic listed company. Imported tama - chuan servo motor and drive are optional. 

To meet the diverse needs of different user speed and precision.It is fast, cost-effective, and supports Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.

Can use computer to control the robot based on Ethernet TCP/IP can get and set IO status, space, joint position, operation status, get file, write file, set variable, get variable, control robot to move to specified point by operation via the internet cable.


※Robotic arm span is 400mm/500mm/600mm, 3kg Payload. It can be installed on the ground or upside down flexibly.

※SCARA robot with compact and flexible structure, fast running speed, high transmission accuracy and low noise.

※Robotic automation highly rigid arm design realizes high load and high speed in one package.

※Available in 400mm ,500mm and 600mm arm span; 3kg payload.

※Adapt to A04 control cabinet. Provide standard 24 input and 12 output custom IO. Users can define IO as background programs. Support serial port, network, USB and other interface forms.

※SCARA robots are suitable for handling, palletizing, assembly, 3C and other application fields.

※Support External PLC, arc tracking and other accessories (optional), visual software (optional), laser tracking software (optional), arc tracking software (optional), etc.

※Support Chinese/English/Japanese/Polish spanish.


 Specification Data

SCARA Robot.png


 Motion Range

scara robot STH030.png


 Configuration List:

※Robot body

※Electrical Cabinet (including controller, drives, IO board etc)

※Teaching pendant

※Wiring cables 6 meters

※Working process software



Support third-party vision devices and protocols, such as Omron, Cognex, and DALASA.

Three triggering modes of support instruction, timing and distance.

※Provide laser seam tracking system.

※Provide electrical arc tracking board.

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