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How Do We Make Robot

CRP Robotics began to research and develop CRP Robot control systems in 2005. Ten thousands of robotic automation practical applications during these 13 years, helping CRP Robot team have a clearer understanding of the robot body structure mechanical transmission and the maximum efficiency of the controller, and have a deeper understanding of the real needs of customers. 

By virtue of clear understanding of the domestic core components. In 2017, CRP Robotics took in mature Japan robotic production technology and absorbed more than 20 technicians with rich experience of robot industry machinery, RV harmonics, motor design and welding process to form the core technical team of CRP robot body production base. CRP Robots were launched on December 1, 2018, the total shipments have exceeded 300 units by the end of June 31. In June 2019, the shareholders' meeting unanimously decided to invest in 100 million yuan to build a new robotic arm production zone in Pi Xian area. The parent company CRP Automation will provide a strong technical backing for the robot production base, and closely cooperate with the robot body base to innovate continuously and create stable, reliable, economical and easy-to-operate robots for customers.

Let our clients make best use of every robot !

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