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Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations

1 Location misalignment

First of all, repeat positioning at any time should be accurate. If the repeated positioning is out of alignment, first check the mechanical faults, such as: the mechanical structure is loose, the belt is aging, the reducer is damaged, etc.

The misalignment here refers to the displacement of the manipulator's own coordinate system caused by the power failure of the encoder, impact and other factors.

1.1 Encoder battery replacement

When the low voltage alarm of encoder battery occurs in the system, the battery needs to be replaced.

During annual maintenance, the battery voltage needs to be detected. The specific operation is: open the small battery cover plate of encoder on the back cover of robot base, and measure the battery voltage with a multimeter. The normal rated voltage is 3.6V. When the voltage is lower than 3.2V, the battery needs to be replaced.

The encoder batteries of Turing robot are all installed on the back cover of the base, and the batteries can be replaced by removing the back cover (some models have a small battery cover plate, which only needs to be removed to replace the batteries)

                                                        Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图1)Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图2)

Note: when replacing the battery, the robot needs to return to the zero position and lock the robot joint with the motor holding brake. After replacement, the zero point needs to be recalibrated. If you accidentally lose the zero position, you need to recalibrate.

1.2 20 Point calibration

When the encoder is powered off and impacted by external force, resulting in relative displacement between the motor shaft and the mechanical structure, the position records are all in an unrecoverable state. It is necessary to recalibrate the zero point, and the error of zero point calibration by naked eyes is large. At this time, it is necessary to use the 20 point calibration method.

Before calibration, it is necessary to ensure that the parameters of the robot's linkage, deceleration ratio and coupling ratio are accurate, and the zero position should be within the allowable deviation.

The specific calibration steps are as follows.

The first stepMake two tip calibration rods (the sharper the better), one is installed at the center point of the tool to be calibrated (the tip of the tool itself can be used, such as welding wire, but the sharpening is required), and the other is placed horizontally on the workbench (cannot be moved).

The second stepCreate a new file on the teachpad with a custom file name.

The third stepOpen the program. Run the robot in manual teaching mode, align the two tip calibration rods, and then add a joint motion command. Lift the manipulator, change the swing posture, repeat the above steps, and record 20 points in total. The following picture:  

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图3)


Ø  When making 20 points of a six axis robot, make the tip calibration bar on the robot form a certain angle with the tip calibration bar on the workbench, and align. Twenty points are scattered around, and the bigger the difference of robot's attitude, the better.

Ø  When making 20 points of a four-axis robot, place the tip calibration bar on the workbench at any position within the robot's motion range, align the left and right hand posture of the manipulator to the same point of the lower thimble (the center of the thimble used by the manipulator shall be concentric with the rotation center of the screw rod), and then record the motion instructions of the two joints. Ten positions are scattered in the moving range of the robot, and the more scattered the better.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图4)

Six axis robot at 20 o'clock

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图5)

Four axis robot at twenty

The fourth stepSwitch to [parameter setting] - [basic setting] - [20 point calibration] on the teaching pendant, select the script file established in the second step, and click [calculation]. The progress will be displayed in the pop-up window during calculation. Click OK after calculation. The following information bar will show: 20 points are calculated successfully.

The fifth stepClick Save to open the window update to link, zero point and tool directly? If you click OK, the system parameters will be changed directly; if you click cancel or do not save, you need to update the system parameters manually.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图6)

The following description is made for the calculation results of 20 points:

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图7)

normErr】:Tool coordinate error

deltaDH】:Calculated error of connecting rod parameters

deltaZero】:Calculated zero error


Note: Generally speaking, the calibration value will not exceed 5mm. If it exceeds 5mm, it may be the joint parameter or zero point calibration setting problem. It is recommended to check it before proceeding

2 Insufficient physical IO points

2.1 Add IO expansion board

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图8)

A series control cabinet is equipped with two network ports. TCP / IP, MODBUS and other protocol communication between Internet interface and external equipment. The Ethernet port is a network port that uses the Ethernet bus inside the robot.

After the extended IO board is powered on and connected with the Ethernet port of the control cabinet, the robot will alarm the master station for abnormal communication. At this time, the configuration of the slave station has changed, and the correct communication file has been replaced. That is to say, the expansion board can only be used after being added to the configuration.

First, use the U disk to copy the communication files to the x86 folder under configs.Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图9)

Then, in the [system settings] - > EtherCAT] interface, replace the Eni file. Save and restart.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图10)

2.2 Using Modbus Protocol

See section 6.2.4 for details.


3 Emergency stop signal cannot be reset

The teaching interface displays the emergency stop status, and the emergency stop status cannot be released, and the robot cannot move.

3.1 Check communication status

As the master station, the controller reads the input signal of IO board through the EtherCAT communication. " The input point of port 0 "is the emergency stop state input, and the input point of port 0" should be the normally closed state so that the manipulator can work normally.

First, make sure that the EtherCAT communication is in a normal state. By contrast, press the manual enable switch, turn the teaching / playback switch key, check whether the controller can read the corresponding input signal, and check whether the IO board optocoupler has corresponding changes.

If the status changes correctly, the communication is normal. Otherwise, the cause of the emergency stop may be the abnormal software version of the controller, the mismatching of the EtherCAT communication configuration file, the overdue authorization of the controller system or the damage of the IO board.

3.2 Check the emergency stop input signal

The manipulator can normally read the input signals of other input points. It indicates that the input source of emergency stop input signal is abnormal.

Check the emergency stop switch. The manipulator has three emergency stop switches, emergency stop button of teaching device, emergency stop button of control cabinet and external emergency stop input. The teaching pendant and control cabinet emergency stop buttons shall be raised.

Series a control cabinet has DB9 input connector and built-in passive input point. Check the connection status of connector and internal signal wire.

B series control cabinet, with external emergency stop input at the input terminal. Check the connection status of the corresponding contact signal wire of the terminal block.

4 Main station related alarm

1.Alarm code 30002

30002 alarm usually occurs when the communication file does not match the actual connection state. For example, the communication file is not replaced when the external axis and IO board are expanded.

The processing method is to check the consistency of hardware connection and communication file order.

2.Alarm code 1000A

1000A alarm means lost frame in communication. Generally, it occurs in the case of strong external interference, unqualified network cable type, virtual connection of network port, etc.

Firstly, the external interference source is found, and the magnetic ring, lead blanket and other shielding electromagnetic interference equipment are added. Second, try to replace the network cable to check whether there is virtual connection

3.Alarm code 0x65

0x65 alarm means that the slave station disappears. Generally, it occurs in the unstable power supply circuit, which leads to the loss of power in the communication chip of a slave station. Or the network connection has an open circuit, and the slave station cannot be found.

First, check the status of network cable connection and network port light.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Robot Practical Operations(图11)

Set the output level of the master station log to "3", and copy the operation log for the manufacturer's assistance. (Note: the master station log printing level is set to "3", which will print a large number of master station related logs, resulting in too much hard disk garbage, affecting the system operation. Therefore, the general recurrence problem is to restore the log output level to 0 after collecting the related logs. )

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